West Palm Beach Rotary Club President Named District Governor

West Palm Beach Rotary Club President Named District Governor
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Mr. Robinson is now responsible for supervising 43 Rotary clubs in the southern, south-central, and southeast regions of Florida.

Mr. Owen Robinson, a distinguished member and current president of the Rotary Club of West Palm Beach, has been chosen as the newly appointed District Governor for the 2026-2027 term by Rotary District 6930. This important announcement, highlighting the organization’s leadership continuity and strength, is made by Mr. Douglas Heizer, the current District Governor.

Mr. Robinson is now responsible for supervising 43 Rotary clubs in the southern, south-central, and southeast regions of Florida. With an impressive 17-year history in the Rotary organization, Mr. Robinson brings extensive experience and commitment to his new position. He has spent 13 years with the Cary McGregor Rotary Club in District 7710 and the past 4 years with the West Palm Beach Rotary Club in District 6930, where he served as President and Membership Chair, showcasing exceptional leadership skills.

Mr. Robinson’s dedication to Rotary principles is demonstrated through his status as a recipient of multiple Paul Harris Fellowships, membership in the Polo Society, and his sustained support as a member. His extensive involvement in Rotary encompasses various responsibilities such as serving as an Assistant District Governor, leading international projects as the Chairperson, and fulfilling the role of District Trainer. Noteworthy contributions by Mr. Robinson include his instrumental role in leading international initiatives in Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Africa, Turkey, and the Bahamas.

Mr. Robinson, in his role as District Governor, strives to actively involve and motivate the members of District 6930, with a focus on promoting Rotary values in local communities. With a progressive mindset, his goal is to continue the advancements made by previous District Governors, fostering a culture of selfless service and cultivating a united and diverse District.

Mr. Robinson goes above and beyond his Rotary responsibilities, actively participating in various community service projects. He generously devotes his time and effort to noble causes such as providing meals for the underprivileged, organizing toy drives, supporting the Children Home Society, Quantum House, and other charitable endeavors. His unwavering commitment has earned him esteemed accolades, including the President’s Award, Rotarian of the Year, Emerging District Leader Honor, and Service Above Self Award.

Mr. Robinson possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Science degree in Information Technology. He has demonstrated his entrepreneurial nature by establishing and subsequently selling multiple companies. Currently, Mr. Robinson holds the position of Mortgage Loan Officer at Syntex Mortgage.

Mr. Robinson, a devoted family man, takes pride in being the father of two children, Andrea and Andrew. During his free time, he finds pleasure in various activities such as traveling, cherishing valuable moments with his family, diving into literature, exploring culinary delights, playing golf, dancing, and prioritizing a healthy lifestyle through consistent physical exercise.

Owen is excited about assuming this fresh leadership position, considering both the past and present. His goal is to become a forward-looking leader who contributes to the establishment of a cohesive District, where we can collectively promote the motto of prioritizing service. He aims to build upon the achievements of former District Governors and further enhance the District’s diversity.

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